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TwoLeft Foots has introduced more than 2000 new dancers to two-step since summer 2012. We’re all dancers in Austin’s vibrant two-step scene, some of us with decades of experience, and we teach two-step the way people in Austin dance it: a little Texas Two, a little East Coast Swing, a little jive, and a lot of fun. For us, two-step is not about memorizing patterns, or about having perfect form, or about competing for a judge and jury, but about dancing with lots of different folks to some of the best live honkytonk bands in the country. We combine dance fundamentals with an emphasis on good communication, creativity, and musicality so that you can feel confident and comfortable on the dance floor. We teach because we love to dance, and we want to help you have as much fun dancing as we do!

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We have taught the two-step at weddings, music festivals, and other special occasions. If you have an event that you’d like to book us for, please get in touch with us and we’ll holler back as soon as we can!

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